HAPPY HOUR MENU                        MONDAY - FRIDAY             3:00PM to 6:00PM   DRINKS SANGRIA  5         BEERS         3           MIX  DRINKS      5          RED/WHITE  WINE  4 BOTTLE   18        IMPORTED    4          ON THE ROCKS   6           MARTINI 8   TAPAS TORTILLA ESPANOLA Spanish potato omelet 4 PATATAS ESPANOLAS Spanish potatoes topped with spicy cream dressing 4 CHORIZOS Grilled Spanish Sausage 5 STUFFED MUSHROOM Suffed with machengo cheese and chorizo 5 ESCARGOT AJILLO Snails sautéed with spicy garlic sauce, white wine and paprika  5 MANCHEGO CHEESE WRAP with serrano ham 5 SHRIMP AJILLO sautéed with spicy garlic sauce and white wine 6 MUSSELS BIANCO sautéed with capers dijon mustard garlic and white wine 5 SMOKED SALMON Stuffed with guacamole 5 FRIED CALAMARI 6 AVOCADO Stuffed with goat cheese, diced tomatoes and onions 5 FRIED COAT CHEESE with tomatoes and roasted peppers 5 BAKED CLAMS little neck clams stuffed with breadcrumbs and herbs 5 CLAMS SALSA VERDE Steamed clams with green sauce 5 OLIVES & CHEESE 5 GARLIC BREAD WITH MANCHEGO CHEESE 3 SOUPS & SALADS BLACK BEAN SOUP with a dollop of cream 4 TAPAS SALAD baby greens tossed with grilled calamari and shrimp in a lemon vinaigrette dressing 6 APPLE SALAD mixed greens tossed with apples. goat cheese, roasted almonds,and grape tomatoes in a honey vinaigrette dressing 5 CAESAR SALAD 4